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Charter Net Speed Tool

What is the Charter Net Speed Tool?

Nowadays, slow internet connection is really not tolerable and considered as one heck of a problem. As the modernism in the terms of techniques and technology has taken over the industry, most of the work is done with the help of internet. You cannot comprise the quality of your work just because you have a slow internet connection. No need to worry anymore, Charter Net Speed Tool has sorted out this problem for you. It measures your internet connection’s speed by calculating its downloading and uploading speed. Sounds quite simple, right? There are a lot of factors which contribute to slow internet speed, and our tool makes sure to find those factors just to sort out the particular problems. It surely helps in speeding up the internet connection in almost no time.

    How does the Charter Net Speed Tool measures internet speed?

As mentioned above, that the Charter Net Speed Tool measures the internet speed with the help of your connection’s uploading and downloading speed. The speed at which your internet connection sends the data to your computer via internet within a second tells about its downloading speed.  On the other hand, the speed at which your internet connection sends the data from your computer to the internet tells about its uploading speed. Both these factors contribute to the speed calculation of any internet connection. In other words, the number of kilobytes per second (kBps) or kilobits per second (kbps) downloaded or sent by the browser and computer also help in measuring the speed.

    How to use the Charter Net Speed Tool?

This particular section covers the answer to the most anticipated questions such as how to use the Charter Net Speed Tool? The answer to this question is really simple. The Charter Net Speed Tool is very compact, portable and flexible. It can be carried anywhere very easily as it is in a shape of a pen with a tiny switch on it, used to turn it on and off. Turn on the switch on the pen and it is ready to work. Just to make the internet speed checking easy for our valuable customers, we have added an option named ‘Charter Net Speedometer’. Click on this option and it will automatically calculate your internet speed within a second. Believe us when we say that our tool is very portable and easy to use because we will never compromise with the ease of our customers.

    Understanding the Charter Net Speed Tool

It is very important to understand any product before using it because if you are unaware of what a whole product can serve you and how to handle it, then you might end up categorizing the product in a bad category or might even damage it. Make sure that your computer is safe from every kind of viruses. If your Charter Net Speed Tool heats up a little more than usual, please switch it off for at least 10-15 minutes. This problem never appears, but if your tool starts switching off itself or stops working more often, please call our operator, he will assist you better. We love helping our customers, so do not hesitate and give us a call.

    Uploading Speed check with the Charter Net Speed Tool

We have made checking the uploading speed with the Charter Net Speed Tool real easy. It is just a few clicks away. If you are using the Charter Net Speed Tool as a wireless, then head over to our website and click on the option named ‘Charter Uploading Speed Check’ and within a minute, you will get the uploading speed on your screen. Also, if you want to boost up the uploading speed, click on the button, ‘Boost’ and you are good to go.

    Downloading speed check with the Charter Net Speed Tool

This works almost the same as the uploading speed check. Head over to our website and click on the option named ‘Charter Downloading Speed Check’ and right after a minute, you will get the downloading speed on your screen. In order to enhance the downloading speed, click on the ‘Boost’ button and enjoy a great speed. On the other hand, if the Charter Net Speed Tool is plugged into your computer, then you do not even need to go to the website. The speed will automatically appear on your desktop along with a ‘Boost’ button.  

    How to get benefit from the Charter Net Speed Tool

You must be well aware of the fact by now that you only get benefits from the Charter Net Speed Tool  as there are no such disadvantages of using it. One of the most amazing benefits of this tool is that you DO NOT have to buy multiple tools for multiple computers. This tool allows multiple users to take advantage from it that too in a very affordable price. Moreover, This tool also works with the smart phone, yes, you heard it right! You can get a fast internet speed on your mobile phones too without consuming any space on it as it works as a wireless too. Also, the Charter Net Speed Tool can be protected with a password if you want to use it in public and do not want anyone to connect their phones or computers with it. Isn’t it great? So, what are you waiting for? Visit our website and order one for yourself and your family or maybe for your office too. This works very efficiently in offices as it speeds up the internet connection, hence, leading to the time management and time saving. With our efficient tool, we urge you to not change your internet connection, but just to boost it up a little with the help of the Charter Net Speed Tool, because the problem might be in the area you are living in as not every area gets best signals. Our tool will search out the problem and will sort it out by boosting up your internet speed, Changing your connection will cost you a lot more than trying out this tool.

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