Best Free Online Game Sites

You can find a great variety of free online game websites on the internet. There are all kinds of different types of games that you can play from card games to arcade games and more. There is absolutely something available for everyone! Not sure what you want to play? Here’s a list of some of the most popular ones:

free online game

Addictive Games – The free online games are very addictive because they are designed so that people will be attracted to them and want to play them over again. These games include bubble blast, escape the museum, hot potato, jigsaw puzzles, memory test, potato sack rash, Scrabble, and more. Some of these are multiplayer games and others include ads that will pop up while you are trying to solve a puzzle. Some of the ads will give you tips and other information about the game as well. They are designed to keep people coming back to the site and playing the games over again.

Colorful Walls – One of the most popular free online games is a version of solitaire where you have to fill in the empty squares with color. It’s very easy to master and is often recommended to children as a difficult advanced game for their age group. The sites that offer this are huge and features over 50 different games. Some of the popular ones include bubble blast, chef, escape the museum, memory test, pass the nuke, potato sack rash, Scrabble, and many more.

Shockwave Internet Adventure – This is another popular free online game that allows you to control an army of soldiers and tanks and fight against a variety of enemies. It has many advanced features including multiple levels, unlimited waves, advanced enemy placement, weapon upgrades, and much more. It’s one of the best online games available today. You can find many versions of it all over the internet. Some of the most popular ones include: Big Fish Games, Digital Chocolate, Gamescent, Just War, Tom Clancy Rainbow Six, and so many more.

Flash-Based Games – This is another great choice that will give you a good dose of addictive gaming fun. There are literally thousands of online games you can choose from and they are very easy to play. Many of them require no in-depth knowledge of the gaming platform at all and yet they can be very addicting. You can get yourself into the swing of things with a few simple clicks. Most flash-based games are free and are recommended for players who wish to experience a quick gaming session without having to spend a penny.

Another thing to remember when it comes to free online games is that not all of them are created equal. Some people have better luck with certain types of free online games than others. Take Shockwave for example. There are millions of people who have downloaded this and swear by it. It’s one of the most popular flash-based new games on the market today, providing both entertainment and stress relief.

Miniclip – If you find that flash-based addicting games aren’t your cup of tea then you’ll definitely want to check out Miniclip. This is another flash-based puzzle game where you really have to think ahead on your moves. The concept is rather simple: you start off by picking a simple character that walks around the board and “zips” through a series of rooms, popping out of each one. Everything changes every time you go through a room, providing an addicting experience that is perfect for those who love to think out of the box when playing. For free, check out the official website for more information.

These are just a few of the best free online game sites available on the internet today. If you love free games and are ready to get into the world of online gaming, you should definitely start by checking out some of these sites. You’ll not only have a blast playing these games but you’ll also have a lot of fun browsing all of the best ones that are out there. Good luck and stay addicted!